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Original stargaze balladeer Latehorse, draws lyrical inspiration from universal truths and subtleties in nature. His honest songwriting shines though his often dark subject matter, as he broods for better answers. Armed with a bright vocal lilt and melodious sing-a-longs, Latehorse will take you on an uplifting journey of the heart, leaving you captivated and rekindled.


Shane Thomas, the man behind Latehorse, grew up on a property settled amongst the Jarrah forest, not far from the sleepy timber town of Kirup, WA. He picked up his first guitar at the age of 8, a Rosetta Classical guitar handed down to him by his Uncle. He learnt how to play, however his musical calling didn’t begin until years later…


“It was the winter of 2009, I was resting on the couch listening to the radio, after work and dinner. I was just about to fall asleep, only to be roused from my slumber by some silky dream of a man, singing about a woman named Jolene. Everything about him rang true to me, it was heartbreak and hope, optimisim and luck and missed opportunity. It was Ray Lamontagne, and it was the moment I knew I wanted to write songs.”


After being in full time work for almost 5 years, he was yearning for a change of direction and songwriting felt like a natural and meaningful progression. Week after week, He spent his early mornings travelling and his days operating forest machinery, it was monotonous, but it allowed him time to think and write lyrics.


He spent the next few years writing songs, drawing from his experiences. Songwriting became a rewarding endeavor and a cathartic part of his Being. In 2013 he released his first EP ‘To The Bloom’, and his second in 2015 called ‘Hungry’In a way, they were a reflection of his musical awakening.


Off the back of his 2015 EP ‘Hungry’, Latehorse spent 2 months touring the US. Winding his way though country back roads, playing bars and house concerts - notably scoring a slot at a Blue Bird Café writers night in Nashville.


In August 2015 he played alongside Davey Craddock at the very first Goodnights gig in Bunbury, at the Red Mill Store. In March 2016 he performed at the National folk festivals 50th anniversary in Canberra, and has since been playing festivals and venues in WA.


In 2017, Latehorse made the top 30 shortlist in the Australian Songwriter Association Song competition, with his song ‘A Dreamer Forever’. Which was inspired by the John Boyle O’Reilly’s poem ‘The Cry of the Dreamer’.


2018 has been an influential time of reflection, allowing Latehorse to refine his song-writing. He is currently celebrating the release of his latest single ‘Two Streets’. Now available for download and streaming.

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